Sonotherapy or ultrasound therapy involves the action of ultrasonic waves on the body structures located under the skin. Using ultrasonic vibrations, therapeutic and stimulatory effects are obtained which stimulate cell repair processes. Ultrasound therapy stimulates cell metabolism, increases skin elasticity, improves blood circulation, also affects lymphatic drainage and accelerates fat burning in tissues.
SlimX 3 w 1
Principle of operation

Sonotherapy is the manufacture of ultrasound devices with a frequency from 150KHz to 3MHz. They are used for cosmetic and therapeutic procedures. Ultrasounds of 150KHz to 600KHz are used to reduce cellulite and reduce fat. This is achieved through the activation of noradrenaline (NorAd-526), ​​which, by raising metabolism in cells, contributes to more efficient fat burning. Recommended for fat reduction from difficult to practice areas such as abdominal obesity. Ultrasound therapy promotes the absorption of gels and cosmetics, so therapies use healing and slimming creams. The duration of the ultrasonic treatment to achieve the desired effect should not be less than 5 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes in the area.

With the SlimX model, the SKD-8800's 3-in-1 ultrasonic probe operates at 330KHz. This device by improving blood circulation, strengthening lymphatic drainage, and increasing cell nourishment causes burning fat and stimulating the proper functioning of the dermis has an effect on cellulite reduction.

How ultrasounds work (click and watch video)

Heart disease (starter);
- abnormalities of the vascular system;
- Pain of unknown origin;
- Pregnancy;
- Changes / Cancer;
- Bleeding areas;
- Hemophilia;
- Do not use: around eyes, genitals, around the heart;