Cookies are text files that are written to the disk of the end user device used by the server to recognize the user device when reconnected. Cookies are downloaded at each "in" and "out" of the site. Cookies are not used to determine the identity of a user, but only their device.
TOUGHPHONE uses cookies to recognize and store user information. This allows you to more accurately identify your individual needs and thus offer them better and more tailored services.
Cookies are also used by SLIMX for statistical purposes - which allows you to create statistics for your site and visitor,
Display advertising on sites - specifically to determine the content of ads displayed on a given device,
Any user may not agree to place cookies on his or her end device. To do this, use the option to disable downloading and storing cookies in your web browser. How to disable the ability to download and store cookies in popular web browsers is described below:

for Mozilla Firefox users
for Google Chrome users

Deleting cookies may result in the loss of certain SLIMX functionality